Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools: Not Always Fun and Games

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So, I was having a lil Twitter convo with Ilona Andrews reminiscing about some of her April Fools LJ posts in years past. Last year she posted that Curran would die in the next book in the series as a an April Fools but was quickly inundated with panicked e-mails from horrified fans begging for the life of our favorite Alpha Cat. This year, she elected not to do and April Fools post. :P That got me to thinking about some of my more memorable April Fools Day jokes that maybe didn't go over so well.

About four years ago the hubster and I moved across country from California to North Carolina. All our family was still out in Cali and we decided that for our first April Fools Day in our new house we would do it big. We called our parents and siblings and informed them that we were preggers! Hahaha, right? WRONG. My mom went into crying hysterics because her only child was way across the country and she wouldn't even get to see this grandkid be born and she missed her lil grandsons so much and so on and so forth. Yeah, it was kinda awful. Then we had to say, no see APRIL FOOLS, Y'ALL! *sigh*

When I tweeted briefly about my lil April Fools Preggers Mishap, the lovely KC from Smokinhotbooks said that she, too, had tried the, "honey I'm preggers!" April Fools trope and that it, too didn't go so well.

So, I ask you guys, what was the worst April Fools joke that you pulled or had pulled on you? What was the best? Let's hear it folks. Make me feel better by proving that I'm not the only dork with a sick sense of humor that often bites me in the ass.

Muah! And Happy April ;)


Sophia (FV) said...

You know, nothing really comes to mind so I guess I haven't be traumatized by an April Fool's joke and I'm really not all that creative so nothing there either. I will say that I am both awww'ing and LOL'ing at your traumatic joke. Not so much how it affected your mom but because after it all you had to weakly say, "April Fools" (((QueenB))) LOL

The Queen B said...

Thanks babe. It did kinda take the wind out of our sails. Funny how things can seem really funny in your head, but somehow fall flat in real life :P

WickedLilPixie said...

My mom and I had lunch a few yrs ago on April Fools Day. She had just gotten a partial denture and wasn't used to it yet, so she'd take it out to eat.

We get almost all the way home and she says she tossed her partial in the garbage can at the mall by accident and we HAD to go back and I HAD to go into the garbage and get them.

Keep in mind we were almost home, we walked ALL the way back to the mall with me saying no way am I going in the garbage to touch teeth. She is now almost in tears at this point, begging me to go into the garbage....

Tears of laughter. April Fools, she made me walk 20 minutes BACK to the mall. Evil.

The Queen B said...

Bwahahaha! Did she make you root around in the garbage? I like your mom ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you took my story!!!!

My biggest April Fool's was when I got a phone call saying my sister was pregnant. I was all excited, nervous, and everything for her. Then... BAMMM... April Fool's!!!

Sooooo, not cool. Later it was funny-- after a drink & some chocolate.

The Queen B said...

Oh whatever Jen! LOL, you are never gonna let that one go :P

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

hehe..I think my Mom would kill me if I did an I'm preggers April fools..I'm an only child and she's been bugging me for years to start making the grandkids..I tend to avoid pranks on April fools cause with my luck they'll backfire ;)

Becca Boo said...

I told my parents that I was going to be working a double on april 1. I drove 158 miles (trust me I've done the math!) to their house. Called them from my cellphone outside of their house saying I was in a car crash and on the way to the er. My mom comes zipping out of the garage with her blazer and hits my seemed funny when I was its just oddly ironic and sad.

Smokinhotbooks said...

I feel really bad about my April Foo joke. Hubs (at the time boyfriend) was really excited about me being preggers, he was disappointed. I felt small really really small.

The Queen B said...

@Heather Yeah, it's tough when you're the only child. The maternal unit can put such pressure on you :P

@Becca Boo OMG! My boys are both really small still, but I imagined what I would do if they did that to me when they're older. I think it would go something like this:
After backing into their car--
Me: Are you alright?
Son: Yeah.
Me: Are you sure?
Son: Yeah
At this point I drag him bodily from his car and begin to choke the life out of him in the drive way while the neighbours have to hose me down to get me off him.
Yeah, I don't condone parental violence, but in that case I think I'd win in court :P

@Smokinhotbooks Yeah, it's amazing how the pregnancy thing seems funny in your head but hardly ever works that way in real life. I thin we can all agree: Pregnancy is no good April Foo joke

Alexia561 said...

Am not all that creative, so never pulled a successful prank. Did have a friend prank me once, and I don't think we spoke to each other for about a week!

She called to tell me that she was having cold feet and was going to break off her engagement. She was engaged to a guy I didn't really like. Can you say uh-oh?

I'm encouraging her to break things off, then she finally tells me no, she loves Frank and btw April Fool. Neither one of us was amused. Funny now, but uncomfortable at the time. :s

The Queen B said...

Yikes! My sister once tried to tell me her hubby had cheated on her and I'm telling her she doesn't have to take that and blah, blah, blah....yeah, it was all a joke. Not the funniest one to pull. I feel ya.

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