Saturday, April 10, 2010

Review: To Tempt A Saint by Kate Moore

No romance lover can resist the novels of Kate Moore...

First in the Sons of Sin trilogy Introducing the three sons of an infamous London courtesan-and the strong-willed women who love them...

Despite being knighted for saving the Prince Regent's life, Sir Alexander Jones will never truly be accepted by the nobility. But if he's to find his long lost brother, Xander must win the first willing heiress he can find.

Only by marrying can Cleo Spencer access her funds. Making a bargain with Xander is her chance to provide for her younger brother. But when her uncle accuses them of fraud, they discover that love is the best part of their bargain.

I picked up this book because the premise sounded sexy and fun and I was in the mood for a historical romance that would fit that bill.

I fell in love with Xander in the prologue. He was such a mature and capable man. You could tell he could handle himself in a fight but you also saw his softer side as he pretty much acted like Brother of the Year with his youngest brother Kit. He's also smart and forward thinking. I loved all of that about him.

I liked Cleo from the first time we meet her. She's in a bad spot in life but she has grit and a devilish sense of humor. She's feisty but not in a stupid way and you just want to see her situation in life improve and you want to conk the men who have neglected her and her brother over the head with a blunt object.

The issue I had with this story was the perceived obstacles that kept Xander and Cleo from truly committing to each other and kept Xander from wanting to consummate their marriage. They were so flimsy to me that it was rather irritating.

Another problem for me was a seeming lack of description in the book. So often I find that romance books especially are so over descriptive that I start rolling my eyes at "his aquiline nose, broody brow, stormy blue eyes, severe yet sensual mouth and aggressive cheekbones.....etc., etc." but in this one I felt like very little time was given to describe the characters and surroundings very well which left me sometimes a bit disconnected from them.

This is a fast and easy read that is entertaining, but not overly exciting or memorable. The characters are likable but at times their actions are a little ridiculous or annoying, i.e., when Cleo tries to force Xander to bed her by constantly threatening him with a knife. I rolled my eyes at that.

My grade for To Tempt A Saint is a C+. Fans of historical romance will most likely enjoy this book but it's not anything new or surprising.


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