Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cover Love

Torment by Lauren Kate is the sequel to Fallen. I had some issues with Fallen as you may recall from my review of it, but I'm still looking forward to this next installment which will be out in September of this year.

Issues aside, these books have some fabulous covers. I just love the angst and stark beauty that these covers embody. They also feel very appropriate for the story which is rather rare in covers lately, imho.

Who is reading this series? Do you like the covers?



Anonymous said...

I love the covers! The gorgeous cover of Fallen tempted my inner cover whore to try the series in the first place, LOL. Fallen wasn't a perfect read for me either, but I enjoyed it enough to want to continue on to read Torment. I love the continuity in the covers of this series using the same model and clothes, even though I still have no clue who she is. XD

The Queen B said...

Yeah, they're really beautiful. I hope that she hones her craft a bit and the books get better as she goes. It has potential so I'll be checking Torment out :)

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