Monday, April 5, 2010

Pritkin!!!!!!!! And a Clash with Clash (see what I did there?)

So, the first four chapters of the Pritkin short story are up at Karen Chance's website. I was left hanging and in need for the rest. *gasp* I'm gonna expire from wanting...more...Pritkin!
If you aren't familiar with the Cassie Palmer series or you need a refresher course, cuz let's be honest- we all do, then let me break it down for you.

Cassie = What the eff is going on half the effing time?! Good thing I'm cute and have a sense of humor....

Mircea = smarmy meh

Pritkin = Damaged goods, but them goods be rawr! All sorts of grrr, baby *sigh*

Why yes, I want to see Cassie and Pritkin get it on in an explosive bout of furniture destroying, time melding, wall banging sex, how did you guess?

Anywho, the link for the short is here.

All I can say is: WRITE MORE FASTER!!!!!!! *deep breath*

Ok, on a different note, I'm disappointed by the trailers and clips and reviews and just general apparent WTFery of the new Clash of the Titans movie. Hollywood, why must you destroy all you lay your grubby paws on? Why?
I'm still going to see it, though I think Bam from It's Not Chick Porn, and also known as @bamgalace on twitter, probably summed it up best with these lovely sentences after having seen the movie the other night. I give you the world's shortest and best review:

"Sam Worthington's skirt was so short he could have accidentally released his Kraken... and Liam Neeson acted with his beard.

in other words, terribly awesome and awesomely terrible."

If you like a longer and perhaps more detailed review, check out the one that Carrie Vaughn did on her blog, here.

Also, as Cleolinda from Occupation: Girl said, Sam Worthington is oatmeal. Muscular oatmeal.

I have to agree.

I'm still going to see the movie. But I'm going to curse Hollywood all the way to the theater.......


Smokinhotbooks said...

"Sam Worthington's skirt was so short he could have accidentally released his Kraken... and Liam Neeson acted with his beard. " -->I nearly spewed my coffee all over my computer. 1. because it is so true and 2.Ralph Fines whispered throughout the entire movie. Somehow when I think of Hades I don't picture him 'whispering.' Wouldn't pay to see it in 3d since it was more 2d. Sam Worthington did a better job that that dude from the previous Clash of Titans + he's cuter. Not bad but not blow your socks off awesome either.

Tori aka @ggs_closet said...

I quit reading this series because Cassie was annoying me. And yea, Micah is smarmy. He's so much better in her other series.
But Pritkin. Oh yea. I'll go back to series for that.

The Queen B said...

@Smokinhotbooks Yeah, Carrie Vaughn was all like, Harry Potter called and he wants Voldemort and his smoky cloud back, lol. And why the hell is Hades even IN this movie? The Kraken is a sea monster ppl. *sigh* I just think Sam What's his nuts can't all. That's just me, though :P

@Tori Yeah, this series can be confusing as hell, but something about it keeps dragging me back....and then there's my eternal optimism that Cassie and Pritkin will get it on *cue Barry White*

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

Thanks for reminder of the Pritkin read - I forgot about it coming out..oppsie..I love me some Pritkin and want to see him getting a girl.. even if it's Cassie ;)

The Queen B said...

@Heather I just love how they bicker but totally have each other's backs, ya know? And the couple times they've gotten hot and heavy? Yum. ;)

Anonymous said...

You might like some of the Cassie and Pritkin fanfiction that is out there:

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