Sunday, April 11, 2010

Review: Blonde With a Wand by Vicki Lewis Thompson

From the Wild & Hexy imagination of a New York Times bestselling author

Sexy witch Anica Revere has one rule: never under any circumstances get involved with a man before telling him she's a witch. Still, what's one silly rule? Especially when the guy in question is as cute as Jasper Danes. But when Anica and Jasper have a spat, she breaks an ever bigger rule of witchcraft and turns him into a cat. Bad news for him. Worse for her...

Blonde With a Wand is a quick and fun read. I haven't read any of the other books in the Babes on Brooms series that Vicki Lewis Thompson has written and I wondered if that would be a problem going into this book, but I quickly found that this book very much stands on its own.

I have to admit that for almost the first half of the book I didn't care much for Anica and Jasper. Jasper was funny but he'd been a jerk and Anica was trying really hard to fix things and he was utterly unmoved. He kept contemplating revenge and was just kinda not overly likable for me. I did enjoy how he adapted to being a cat while he struggled to hold on to his humanity. He was also smart and resourceful which is always sexy in a guy.

Anica, on the other hand, was so goody two shoes that it kinda drove me nuts. She had a broomstick up her butt for about half the book, but fortunately by the end she had loosened up a lot and was a much more likable character.

The chemistry between the two of them was great. They were undeniably attracted to each other even when they were furious at one another and it was fun to watch them try to deal with that. They learned a lot about each other and themselves through this whole experience and I really liked that we got to see that.

One of my favorite things about this book was the relationship between Anica and her younger and wilder sister Lily. They hadn't been very close because Anica was a stuck up goody two shoes that just thought they were too different to get along. Thanks to the events in the story though, she has to lean heavily on her sister and admit her own faults and the two of them grow very close. I loved watching them turn from strangers that were related to true sisters. Anica learned to let her hair down and Lily learned to grow up a bit.

Lily's book, Chick With A Charm is out and I want to get that one next. I can't wait to see Anica and Jasper again and I want to see what happens with Lily and her love interest, Griffin.

By the end of Blonde With A Wand, Jasper and Anica had become two very likable characters whose love was easily seen and believed. The ending was touching and well handled and I was very satisfied with it.

I give it a B. It's fun and enjoyable and sexy. ;)


Mandi said...

This one sounds cute - although Babes with Brooms? I don't know. I'm glad Anica dislodged the broomstick eventually.

The Queen B said...

LOL, me too. I almost put it down but I was glad that I didn't by the end :)

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