Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm a fan of twisted love...

I can't help it. My theory is, it aint real if it aint twisted. Just a bit. You know, enough to make it a lil intense, a lil fun, a lil....hawt. Yeah, you know you like it, too. *evol grin* This couple is one that embodies twisted love. I'm not a huge soap opera fan and I'm not very faithful to them *gasp* After all, they reel you in on some nail biting story line and then shit on you. So I've learned to protect my self by only watching when it's good and skipping the rest til it gets good again. Shallow maybe, but better than the alternative.
Days of Our Lives is not one of my faves and they've really been sucking lately, but this couple keeps me coming back. They have such fabulous chemistry. Sparks fly when they banter, their looks between each other are melting the ice caps and when they kiss? My tv nearly shorted out. They torture each other constantly and they love each other against their wills, their families' wishes and all reason. I am addicted to them since day one. The writers (curse their black black hearts) have never given them a real break and I hope they wake up and do so eventually, you know before soaps go extinct? Yeah, thanks. Anyway, here is a lil clip of my sexy couple that embody all my fave twisted loves from books to movies and tv.

I give you, EJ Dimera and Samantha Brady:

I think I need a nice frosty glass of iced tea to cool down now. They are so yummy delicious. I should be kind and show a clip of EJ with his shirt off. Y'all would need a drool towel. LOL. Don't you think they're delicious together? *sigh*

ETA: Just a lil recap of their highs as a couple for those that are unfamiliar with them: He bargained with her, sex and he'd save her then husband's life. They married to end a decades long vendetta. She tried to light him on fire. They had a son together. Her ex-husband shot him at their wedding. He lied about being deported so she'd stay married to him. They had hot hot sex b/c she was jealous. She got pregnant, again, and lied about it. He saved her from an assassin. She didn't tell him about their daughter til it was almost too late. He kidnapped their daughter and lied to her about it and he flooded her appartment so she'd move in with him. For all their sins they are devoted parents, he's great with her kids that aren't even his. He'd lie, cheat and steal to be with her and he brings out her inner bad girl, and she makes him want to be a better man....when he's not lying, cheating and stealing to win her over ;)


Wendy said...

Oh, kiss already!!

Anonymous said...


SAMMY!!! Gah she has been on this show foreverrrr I feel like I've grown up with her! I used to always admire the actress when I first started watching soaps the summer I had just turned 11, and over the school years during summer I'd pop in on Days of Our Lives, General Hospital and my FAAAVORITE All My Children. You're right about this scene, EJ and Samantha give GREAT Chemistry. Oh man she is such an Evil Bitch when I look back to all the shit she's done over the past 2 decades but I love her.

The Queen B said...

@Wendy Great minds babe! I was screaming for them to go at it like rabbits on fertility treatments all over the desk. Sadly, it did not happen.....yet :P

@SpazP Man, he forced her to have sex with him in order to save Lucas' life, they married to end a vendetta, she slept with him b/c she was jealous of Nicole, she got pregnant a second time and hid the pregnancy from him, he kidnapped their daughter and lied to her about it.....and yet I totally root for them. LOL. I'm so sick.

tori aka ggs_closet said...

Ahh DOOL. I remember watching this as a child when Rachael & Mac were togeth3er. I can go years not watching, turn it on, and know exactly waht's going on. My all time fav soap. And yes, I too love Sammy & EJ. They are both so bad. lool

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