Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Awesome Covers Alert

My girl, Gini, shared the covers for the next two books in her series that stars Kitty, Reader, Martini and Co, and I loved them so much that I had to share with you all.

Doesn't Daniel Dos Santos do the best covers? I love 'em. I especially love the one for Alien In The Family. Total awesomeness. What do you all think?

I can't wait to get these books in my grabby lil hands.

You can get the latest news about upcoming books, interviews and giveaways on the author's blog, here.


tori aka ggs_closet said...

SQUEEE!!!! Beautiful covers. I can't wait for more Kitty and Martini. Hey, is she wearing chucks in the first one? Chucks rock. :)

The Queen B said...

I do believe she is. ;)

Sophia (FV) said...

Oh very nice covers! I like!!

~ames~ said...

I just read Touched by an Alien a few weeks ago and loved it! Can't wait for these books. :P

Glory said...

I love covers of daniel santos. He draw so well!

I'm not read these books yet.
are they awesome or something like that?

The Queen B said...

@Glory Yes, these books are very good :D

Sunscented said...

I do love these covers- I think they capture the comedy element that is the genius of Gini Koch. My one little pet peeve on the cover art would be that DDS can't seem to make up his mind on what Kitty looks like. I understand that it's a woman's prerogative to change her hair color, but ethnicity and facial structure too? Just the one Kitty please?

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