Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Friday Hotness

So, I recently stumbled across pictures of Odette Yustman and I instantly fell in love. She is just so pretty. So, naturally I had to share.

I can see her as Kate Daniels (even though I always picture Kate as Angelina Jolie) or maybe Sascha from Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh.

Which character(s) can you picture Odette as?


Twimom227 said...

Yes - Kate TOTALLY! (I don't like Angelina nearly as much).... She is perfect for her! Maybe Beth or Bella from BDB?

The Queen B said...

Ooh, she could totally be Beth or Bella! Good call

Glory said...

Hiya beauty!
So much time that i dont pass here!!!

well, that girl is very beautiful!!!

[uhmm...sorry for the's you like girl?(now i dig a pit and i throw myself inside.) you r able not to answer me :) ]

The Queen B said...

@Glory LOL, it's ok. I like boys, but I like girls a little more than I should :P

Glory said...

Ooh.. ok, it was embarassing, lol.
SOme peolple said me that sooner or later i will die for my curiosity. :)

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