Thursday, January 14, 2010


Check this out y'all! I didn't know you could buy these anymore. Awesomesauce!
Hey, do you think I can get me one at Costco? Cuz I don't wanna overpay for my damsel in distress. I'm thrifty like that. You can't maintain a bazillionaire status if you blow it all shoppin for damsels and virgins and mistresses and all that.
Seriously though, I read this book and I'm going to review it next. It's actually pretty good, but I just couldn't resist showing a little title love for the folks down at Harlequin that apparently are still stuck in Medieval times. I'm honestly of the mind that the way they pick these titles is much like South Park postulated Family Guy wrote its story lines: Manatees.

Peace out my lovelies ;)


Anonymous said...

Its sequel should be. Sold: Sucker

Anonymous said...

hey there! it's ur sister. when u read the back summary did it take u back to the days of our dramatic readings? i miss those days. gkad u enjoyed the book. if costc doesn't have em maube sam's club will. let me know if u wanna check out either store. love ya!!

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