Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Review: Enemy Mine by Barbara J. Hancock

Enemy Mine is a short story e-book that is published by Samhain.
The blurb:
Risking everything for the one woman bold enough to betray him.

Julia Rierdon attacks life with everything she’s got, taking the missions no one else will touch. Refusing to slow down long enough to embrace anything or anyone else. When her plane goes down in the Smoky Mountains, being injured and alone with a dangerous shifter chained at her side is bad enough. Fighting her bone-deep desire is a challenge she could fail.

Ross Walker knew Julie was dangerous the minute she walked into his casino. She exactly matches the image of his destined mate imprinted on his dreams. One moment of distraction and he’s on his way to prison—putting at risk the future of the Cherokee Ani’Kutani, an ancient clan of shape shifters.

He ought to make a break for freedom. Instead he stays to heal her wounds. Giving in to their wild, undeniable passion, Ross prays their mystical connection will help Julia see beyond what she’s always believed about shifters and see the
forever in his dreams.

Let me just say that I loved Ross. He was so hot. Yes he is an alpha shapeshifter, but damn, he can be so tender and sexy. So determined without being pushy. He is simply confident and believes in their connection, believes in Julia and so he has the confidence to give her room to breathe. He gives her the chance to make a decision and choice with the deep hope that she'll choose to stand beside him as his partner. Oh, yeah, that shit's hot.

Julia is not a bad character. She's damaged so I can forgive her her kinda bad attitude at times and she really has gone through a lot of loss in life so it's fitting that she doesn't trust or love easily. But Ross' patient exceptance of her gives her the peace to look in herself and decide what truths she is willing to except. And she's tough enough that you believe she can stand beside him and his people in the tubulant times this story takes place in.

I enjoyed this story, I felt there were a couple holes and honestly, there was such an interesting world set up and the characters were so fascinating that I hated that it was a short story. According to my e-reader it was about 41 pages. That just wasn't enough to tell me everything I wanted to know. However, for a short story there was definitely a set up, conflict and resolution so it was pretty complete within itself.

I enjoyed this quick read and definitely recommend it for anyone who would like a rather tender romance starring two damaged but strong individuals that find hope in each other.

My grade for Enemy Mine is a solid B.


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