Saturday, March 13, 2010

The. Best. Damn. Thing. Evah. Amen.


This is teh awesome. I am so in love with Occupation: Girl blog, it's ridiculous and unhealthy.
I want to marry her. I want to have her growth-accelerated-half-vampire-mutant babies. I read her movies in 15 minutes and die. Just die. Her recaps of the Twilight books and movies are just, so, so awesome. There are also other fun things she links to like this goodness here. I have literally spent hours of my life reading this shit. AND I DON'T REGRET IT. It's so awesome. Anyway, tell me Russell isn't lookin at K-Stew like, "Imma rape you." Tell me that. Also, if I had mad photoshop skillz I would totes make an icon of one of those pics sayin, "Imma rape you." Poor K-Stew. She was startin to look kinda freaked out, like Russell's internal monologue of bondage fantasies were leaking into her head and R. Patz and Taylor and the other nameless guy were too busy in their mutual love fest to notice. HA!
Anyway, just had to share all the goodness that this is. Truly. Good times. I cannot wait now for Midnight Sun. Cannot wait.


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

OK, fine. You sucked me in. Damn u!

The Queen B said...

Muahahahaha! One victim at a time....

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