Friday, March 12, 2010

Rock On

So, this song is kinda cheesy, but JT's vocals are actually really good and frankly, I just love the chemistry between Timabland and Timberlake. This is the 1,000,000,000th vid/song that they've collaborated on together and you can see the easy way they move together and feed off each other's energy. Plus the vid is kinda sexy. And can I just say that I want those girls' job? I mean, I get to wear kick ass boots and eat cake AND get paid for it? Sign my ass up.

Here we have the awesome/terrible mind of Gaga. This just has to be experienced at least once. You know, so you can say you rode that ride. Also, I watched it before they bleeped and cut it. Yeah. I still love it. And speaking of BFF's, Beyonce and Gaga are totally rockin the industry with their mad IN YO FACE girl power, psychoness and I'm diggin it. Plus, the Pussy Wagon. God Bless Quentin Tarantino. You know he's the only male, evah, that could ride around in the Pussy Wagon and totally not get his ass handed to him by a mob of angry/scary dominatrix type women. You know they see a guy pull up in that thing and they're all, "Ahhh, Hell No." And they get ready to put the hurt on him when out steps Quentin. And he's all, "Hey ladies, waz up?" And they're all, "Shit, it's just Quentin. Hey Baby, how you doin?"
Yeah, my brain goes places without me sometimes. Anyway. I present the awesomeness that is Gaga Feat. Beyonce---- Telephone.

And to end on a high note (heh) here's a lil linky to a vid of a song that is a total earworm. It doesn't matter that her songs are jibberish or that she's a total poser. You will listen, you will mock, and then you will purchase it anyway.

I was told that this song reminds someone of me. What do you think?



Heidenkind said...

Despite her homicidal tendencies, Lady Gaga must be worshipped. Have you seen the video with Alexander Skarsgard in it? YUM AND YUM.

The Queen B said...

I am perhaps the only female on the planet that thinks Alexander Skarsgard is not hot. *sigh* Perhaps I should have my ovaries checked.
I do love Lady Gaga, and when Beyonce's like you've been a bad bad bad girl Gaga, I almost died. So much to love.

jaymzangel said...

I love JT, I love Timbo & I LOVE that song. very happy to see JT's shaved, while I'm a BIG fan of the scruff, his was looking tired & I am digging the clean-shaven look he's rockin'. makes him look like the baby he is.

Gaga is a genius, bar none. she is a crazy fucking bitch but I LOVE her to death. as for B, she's a diva & the queen of bootylicious.

love both songs & both vids, thanks for this Ms. Brooke.

p.s. get those ovaries checked, girl, cause Alexander is one FINE ASS Swede.....on 2nd thought, never mind, more for me =D

p.p.s. you've been a bad bad bad girl ;)

The Queen B said...

Bwahahahaha! I love you crazy like the crazy bitch you are. Muah!
You can punish me anytime baby. Anytime ;)

jaymzangel said...

HAHA, right back atcha, baby!
prepare to be punished.....

just don't tell Wendy, cause she'll cut a bitch in a hot second for messin' with her woman

Wendy said...

I HEARD THAT. *glares*

"Just turn around, boy, let me hit that!" I LOVE THAT SONG. Seriously.

A Buckeye Girl Reads said...

These videos made me feel much better! Loved both of them, and Lady Gaga just pulls you right in

The Queen B said...

@jaymzangel Bwahahaha! Bring it on

@Wendy Hey baby, I lub u. I think of you when I hear that song :P

@Buckeye Girl I love music videos. I can't help it, lol

KT Grant said...

In so much awe of Lady Gaga it's not even funny.

The Queen B said...

Yeah, she's just so cool. She brings out the naughty in Beyonce which is also of the coolness ;)

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