Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm developing a foot fetish...

Ok, not really, but I'm loving this new nail polish for your toes called Piggy Polish so much that it's making me almost like my feet. Seriously, I hate my feet.  But now that my toes are biohazard green or mermaid blue or lemonade yellow or pretty purple....I hate them a hella lot less.

There's even a website for Piggy Polish right here. 

The colors I've tried are:

And a bright green called "Get Ogre It." I can't find that one online at the moment, but I originally found it at my local Ulta store so if you're interested you could look there.

I figure since it's summer, all my girls would be interested in havin some hot colors for their lil piggies ;)


heidenkind said...

There's only one shade of nail polish I can stand to have on my toes. I don't know why. If I do green, I think they look moldy.

The Queen B said...

LOL! Hubby loved the green on me, but he had trouble with the yellow :P

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