Saturday, August 7, 2010


So, I've been in a severe reading funk lately which has been a combination of my mental state and the books out. I do believe I have found some books that look appealing and may tempt me off of my unintentional book diet.

I want to read:

and this one looked intriguing enough that I picked up a lovely signed copy in San Diego at Mysterious Galaxy today:

What do you think? Have any of you read any of these or are any on your book radar?


Sophia (FV) said...

I have a copy of Grave Witch on my shelf waiting for me. I'm really looking forward to it! I just accepted a Sci-Fi vamp thriller for review called Dying Light by Scott Meek that intrigues me. Actually, my TBR is just embarrassingly over flowing. :)

Jessica said...

I love Katie MacAlister and read Love in the Time of Dragons.. Before Baltic got his own series i couldn't understand his actions, but now i can't wait for the sequel. In this book you see Baltic in a whole different light...he seems almost cute. Loved how they show Ysolde and Baltic's history and memories. I haven't read it for awhile but i still have great feelings for this book. Although I would not want Baltic as my dragon to tame it's definetly a good read.

The Queen B said...

@FV Yeah, I have Grave Witch sitting there on my TBR and it's calling my name, lol. My TBR tries to snarfle me in my sleep, it's so big. :P

@Jessica I'm glad you liked Love in the Time of Dragons. I really haven't read any of her stuff but this one has got my interest peaked. :)

Heidenkind said...

The Adoration of Jenna Fox is a very good book. It lags a bit in the second half, but it's a very quick read, so it's not too big a deal.

The Queen B said...

@heidenkind Thanks sweets! I'm glad to hear it. It looked like something I'd enjoy and the smaller size made for less intimidation as well :P

Jackie said...

Shana Abe and Katie Mac you can not go wrong with either ones reading material. Dragons are my most fave shifters though so am biased . Grave Witch is on a TBB list as have to give Kalayna Price kudos for a newer author she is proving to be quite good reading as well!

jackie ^_^

TBR shelves for all of us are trying to overcome our homes and lives I am afraid, however that does not stop me from adding to them!

The Queen B said...

I'm having a thing for dragon shifters lately. They're hot, excuse the pun. :P

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