Saturday, February 19, 2011

Seriously, Cosmo, you're just telling me what I already know...

So, this article was circulating on Twitter this week. I noticed that it starts off with what the ladies can say to the guys in order to enhance their "special moment" and hey, that's cool. Although whenever I've read that in my fiction books, I've been a little dubious about it's sexiness, so consider yourselves vindicated oh authors whose heroines use that phrase. I humbly apologize for ever having doubted you.

Then we get to the good stuff. That is, we get to the part about what sexy talk enhances a woman's pleasure and, being a woman, I was very interested in this part. I thought maybe I could pass a little helpful advice on to the hubby. "Look honey, it says in this article that if you say this to me, I'll have the best orgasm ever."
But as you read it, you will realize that it's actually telling women what to say out loud to maximize their own enjoyment, not what the gents should say to the ladies. Now, I'm all for women doin' what they gotta to get their "happy time" but why the hell do we always have to do all the work? Not only do we have to talk dirty to our partner during sex, but we also have to talk dirty for ourselves? Come on fellas, step up a bit here. I'm not askin' for much, just for you to carry some of the load, that's all.

Seriously though, the fact that women are responsible for their partner's and their own pleasure? So typical... LOL.


Unknown said...

hahahahhaha These women magazines!! so freaking annoying!!! =/

The Queen B said...

Yeah, you'd think they'd tell us something useful. LOL

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