Thursday, November 26, 2009

Battle of The Awesome Videos

Ok, peeps. I think we've had a deluge of awesome music videos out recently and I just can't pick a fave. I guess it kinda depends on my mood, but I'm apparently in a dark and twisty mixed with extremely flamboyant mood. Plus, I want something that makes me wanna shake my money maker. So here are some of my pics for the best. What do you think? Which is the best? Or do you prefer something else entirely?

First up we have Lady Gaga and Bad Romance. Dramatic, dirty and over the top. Need I say more?

Next up is Rihanna and Russian Roulette. Dark, angsty and full of symbolism. What are your thoughts on this one?

For our third contestant, I give you the woman whose hips don't lie. Sexy Shakira herself. I just love how she got in touch with her animal side in this one. Could be a great song for some of my fave PR or UF books out there, no?

Last up, I give you the Queen of reinventing herself. I think Madonna did a great job with this vid and the song just makes me wanna shake it, baby ;)

Hope you enjoy.
Besos ;)


Sparklybearsy said...

Lady Ga Ga is nuttier than a bag of spanners, but she does make good tunage, i love bad romance!

The Queen B said...

Bad Romance is like crack. I can't get off the stuff....

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