Saturday, January 16, 2010

Something Meaningful

So, Valentine's Day is coming and it's become over commercialized if you ask me. The meaning of love and giving has been lost somewhere along the way. It is; however, a special treat for kids everywhere that will be exchanging Valentine's and spreading love with pure hearts. In the spirit of this I bring you a chance to do something meaningful on Valentine's Day for kids everywhere. If you have kids or are a super cool Aunt/Uncle/Godparent/whatever I encourage you to check out these cards that have been designed by kids for kids for save the children. The link to the Valentine's Cards is here. If you click on the link for the homepage, you'll also see that they are taking donations for Haiti relief as well.
I, for one, am going to have my kids each pick out a design they like and am going to purchase cards from Save the Children. I love the idea that other kids from around the country designed them and that proceeds go to help kids in America that are starving and have needs. In all of our need to help other countries we should never forget that there is poverty right here in the USA and children that fall through the cracks, resulting in them not receiving an education and suffering from hunger and medical needs.
Thanks for checking these out. I hope your Saturday is a good one and that in the face of all the tragedy around us, you take a moment to just savor life and the fact that you can.

Much love


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