Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I got at the bookstore

This book looks really cool. My sweetie Wendy has been all excited because her familiar is a ferret and for some reason that really floats her boat. So, I'm going to read it, just for my honey, and the fact that it sounds like lots of fun :P

The blurb:
In the heart of Ohio, Jessie Shimmer is caught up in hot, magic-drenched passion with her roguish lover, Cooper Marron, who is teaching her how to tap her supernatural powers. When they try to break a drought by calling down a rainstorm, a hellish portal opens and Cooper is ripped from this world, leaving Jessie fighting for her life against a vicious demon that's been unleashed.

In the aftermath, Jessie, who knows so little about her own true nature, is branded an outlaw. She must survive by her wits and with the help of her familiar, a ferret named Palimpsest. Stalked by malevolent enemies, Jessie is determined to find out what happened to Cooper. But when she moves heaven and earth to find her man, she'll be shocked by what she discovers—and by what she must ultimately do to save them all.

I had loved Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker series til I felt she pussed out on Noah so I stopped reading her, but then I discovered this in the bookstore today and I couldn't help but give her another chance. It looks like a new series and I'm hoping this one is a good hot read.

Jacquelyn Frank, New York Times bestselling author of the Shadowdwellers series, invites readers into a dazzling new world of unstoppable desire and danger..

As an Advocate for his colony, Julian Sawyer travels to Earth to bring back the Chosen—women who possess energy potent enough to help revitalize his people. The stunning, silver-clad beauty who strides into his club one night radiates a sensual magnetism unlike any he's encountered, and Julian realizes that Asia Callahan is not just Chosen, she is his kindra: his one true mate.

For months, Asia has tracked the beautiful and mysterious Julian across the country, convinced that he's behind the disappearance of her sister and a dozen other women. She's prepared to believe he's a ruthless killer, but when she presents herself as bait, she discovers that the truth is far more shocking. Taken to a strange, hazardous realm she never knew existed, Asia will face the ultimate choice—between abandoning the life she's always known, and forsaking a passion as dangerous as it is powerful.

I've been reading Carrie Vaughn's Kitty the Werewolf series since book one and I've enjoyed the ride for the most part. It's a fun series that has taken some at times dark and unforseen twists and turns, but it has a hopeful tone that keeps me coming back. Kitty is a likeable character as are most of the side characters in the stories. Vaughn doesn't shy away from violence and death either, but I don't usually feel that it's unnecessary or done just for cheap thrills. I'm looking forward to getting back into a familiar world and see what adventures await these familiar characters.
The BlurTalk radio host and werewolf Kitty Norville has agreed to appear on TV's first all-supernatural reality show. She's expecting cheesy competitions and manufactured drama starring shapeshifters, vampires, and psychics. But what begins as a publicity stunt will turn into a fight for her life.

The cast members, including Kitty, arrive at the remote mountain lodge where the show is set. As soon as filming starts, violence erupts and Kitty suspects that the show is a cover for a nefarious plot. Then the cameras stop rolling, cast members start dying, and Kitty realizes she and her monster housemates are ironically the ultimate prize in a very different game. Stranded with no power, no phones, and no way to know who can be trusted, she must find a way to defeat the evil closing in ... before it kills them all.

I love Jayne Ann Krentz. I loved her when she wrote as Stephanie James! and had a tendency to go apeshit with exclamation points. I love her as Amanda Quick and when she writes just as Jayne Ann Krentz so when I saw this book that I'd never read before out on the shelves, I just had to pick it up. I've been under a lot of stress lately and JAK almost never fails to make me feel good.
Here's the blurb:
Beautiful Cidra, raised amid a serene, spiritual race, is unprepared for Teague, the rugged adventurer from another race, the Wolves. Side by side on a dangerous quest, they battle both human and alien dangers—and find that their passion holds more danger than they know.

Well, that's my loot for today. I hope this week will be a productive one for reading and a satisfying one with all these great books just waiting for me to dive in.

Smooches ;)


Wendy said...


The Queen B said...

My ferret now, baby ;) Course, you can come get him if you want him so bad. We can mud wrestle...

Smokinhotbooks said...

Have you read J Frank's Rapture? It is one of her more erotic books. You must tell me how the new one is as I picked it up then put it back unsure if it was going to be good.

The Queen B said...

@SHB No worries sweets. I plan to review it. I'll let you know how it goes :)

e_booklover said...

Great stash :D. Looking forward to your commentary on them.

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