Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Baby Don't Lose My Number: Fated, Book 2 by Karen Erickson

Never press the “ignore” button on love…

Fated, Book 2

In these uncertain times, Mia Skinner’s Blackberry is her lifeline to independence…and a twenty-four/seven chain to her overbearing boss. When she loses it on a girls’ night out, it’s a disaster with pink slip written all over it—until she takes a chance and calls her number. And ends up talking to Mr. Sexiest-Voice-Alive.

The moment Jacob Miller lays eyes on the phone’s beautiful owner, a bolt of lust makes him want to make a sexy mess of her tidy outfit and perfectly straight hair. Which is a good sign. It means he’s almost fully recovered from a near-debilitating construction accident. Perhaps a little horizontal healing will get him back on his feet for good.

As their passion burns bright and hot, a funny thing happens. Mia’s ignoring her phone—and Jake’s the one itching to get back to work. But he’s building a plan that’ll let her hang up on her increasingly creepy boss for good. If Mia’s willing to meet him in the middle.

Warning: Delicious, toe-curling sex including a lusty scene in a truck flying down the freeway. A hero whose greatest thrill is lavishing all his attention upon the woman he wants more than anything in the world.

Jake Miller is hot. I want me a Jake of my very own. ::dreamy sigh:: He's big, buff, funny, sexy, sweet and steady. He's the kind of guy who's rock solid and always there for the people he loves. I don't care how independent and feminist we may be, there's still a part of us that wants that strong, stable partner than we can lean on when life gets stormy, and Jake is that guy.

Mia is a great heroine. She's a workaholic that's afraid of change and afraid of losing her job to the point of putting up with the escalating inappropriate behavior from her douche of a boss. Her friends try to get her to lighten up and not take so much crap from him, but she just keeps going....right until she meets a sexy guy that makes her laugh, and feel sexy and special in a way that no one else ever has. She's kind and capable and not afraid to lean on Jake when she needs to, but she's also there for her man to lean on when he needs it too as he recovers from the physical and psychological damage of his accident.

Baby Don't Lose My Number is a short, sweet and sexy read. The relationship progresses fast and that might bother some readers, but for me, it worked for Jake and Mia and I loved how they could be hot and sexy or sweet and tender together.

Final Grade: A-

You can download a sample of this book to your kindle or the kindle for pc program if you have it.

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