Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Reign of Pleasure by Emma Petersen

Deposed queen Rhiannon’s sexual proclivities have finally gotten her into trouble. After Rhiannon took a pleasure slave who didn’t belong to her, the courtesan’s master is asking the ultimate price for the trespass—not Rhiannon’s life, but her body…and complete submission for three days. Rhiannon is determined to submit only her body, but Lord Ignius Sebastian, her new master, will settle for nothing less than her soul.

2 fave quotes: "I wonder if all the warriors who tremble when your name is uttered know what a fucking coward you are" Oooh, watch out girl, you are baiting the tiger.
"All I've ever wanted to be is yours." Yeah, that line and my panties come off. I'm that easy.

I am a fan of Emma Petersen. I loooooved Master of the Game. Was smitten with Seducing St. Nic and now I find myself quite taken with her latest, Reign of Pleasure.

Rhiannon is a deposed immortal queen. She has refused to remarry after the death of her beloved husband and king two centuries ago and the Council will not reinstate her to full Queen privileges until she remarries and produces an heir. Rhiannon is willful and stubborn, clinging to the memory of her husband like a talisman against the demands of her Council and the maneuvering of her suitors. It took me a little while to warm up to Rhiannon. I admired her loyalty to her husband's memory, but even she admits that she's a bit of a spoiled brat. She does come into her own as a woman and into her own skin as the story progresses and it was nice to see.

Ignius Sebastian.....::sigh:: Emma Petersen writes some very drool worthy heroes in her stories and Ignius did not disappoint. He's dark, dangerous, mysterious and feared by his peers. He was dominate and masterful and yet capable of such emotion and tenderness. He's very fierce and not to be crossed, but at the same time you know that Rhiannon is his one weakness. Any man that bides his time for 200 years so he can pounce is hotness in my book. You gotta love a patient man ::wink wink::

The plot was decent. The story is novella length so naturally there is more time spent exploring the relationship and smexy times of Rhiannon and Ignius. And yeah, those are some good smexy times, too. ::cough:: I did really like a few of the side characters in the short time we got to see them. Just a good, sexy read with mild BDSM. And some girl on girl...but mostly, Ignius bringin the goods, if you know what I mean ;)

Final Grade: B

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Emma Petersen said...

Awwwe! You like me! You really really like me! Hehehe. Thanks for the awesome review!

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