Saturday, December 12, 2009

Belated Thanks For a Group Effort

That's Queen B to You

I was talkin to my twitter and blogging gf, Wendy, about her awesome new button and I realized that I never properly thanked all the people that helped me with mine.

First up on the list is the lovely Robin from Intense Whisper who actually designed it. Isn't she talented? Thanks Robin!
Next is the sweetest girlie evah. The cute as a button Larissa of Larissas Life helped me a lot with putting this thing up. After I struggled for hours to get it on the blog, cuz me and computers don't mix, I then accidentally erased a bunch of stuff and she salvaged it for me. It's more centered now, too, lol. Thanks sweetie.
Also, thanks go to Jojo at JoJosBookCorner who tried to help me, too.
Finally a big thanks and nomination for sainthood to Reece who is also known as @wedschilde on Twitter. She tirelessly helped me even when I was particularly dense. Muah! and ::hugs:: sweetie!

Hope you enjoy the button. I think it's awesome and I was just redamndiculously happy I made the damn box, lol.

Besos :)


Wendy said...

See?! I AM a good influence!

Don't laugh too hard.

The Queen B said...

Heh, don't let it go to your head :P

Unknown said...

awww hun =))) you are so welcome =))) I love you guys and I am really happy it worked out, I love the button =))

Unknown said...

You are very welcome! I always welcome a chance to play and not work ;)

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