Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dueling Review With My Hunny Wendy

So recently I was dared, double dog dared even, to read Angels' Blood by Nalini Singh. The leader of the peer pressure pack was none other than my hunny Wendy from over at The Book Lush. So, naturally I gave in because I can deny my long distance lover nothing at all, but I said she had to come over here and do a review with me.
The thing is I've been calling and calling and she's not showing up. If that chick ditched me for some Fabio reject.....

W: Okay, okay, I'm here! I fell asleep - again, I know!

B: Honestly, Wendy, try to stay awake. We’re doin a review here, for fricks’ sake.

So, I'd better get started before sleeping sexy dozes on me again:

So, Wends, What did you think of the main characters Elena and Raphael?

W: I thought that Elena was pretty kickass, but also had her vulnerabilities so it kind of balances it out nicely. She's incredibly caring of her friends, while at first, anyone would probably think she's a huge bitch. I absolutely loved her character, same with Raphael. There's only one word to describe him: YUM. What did you think?

B: I, honestly, didn't think Elena was a bitch. She definitely is tough, and she's loyal to her friends and cares about innocents. Raphael honestly took me longer to like. Like, 2/3 of the book. I just couldn't get into him til towards the end. I like alpha and even somewhat asshole protagonists at times, but he was just a cold bastard. I think the whole angel set up didn't help it for me.

Speaking of which, what did you think of the world and how the angels were handled in this book?

W: I'm not saying she was a bitch, bad choice of words. She's just completely kick ass and doesn't take crap from anybody and I'm a huge fan of such heroines. Oh, please, even when Raphael is a cold bastard, you can't help but think he's yummy, admit it! Okay, I full-on had a huge crush on him from the beginning and when he "defrosted" he became even more attractive!

I think the plot behind vampires being pretty much angels' slaves was so interesting and refreshing! I haven't read anything like that before. It makes sense to a hierarchy of a sort with Archangels on the top and vampires at the bottom, not counting humans, that is!

B: I agree that the Angel Hierarchy was interesting and the connection between Angels and Vamps was unique and made a strange sort of sense, but I wasn't huge on the world. The whole, OMG! They are soooo beautiful that they make me stupid and they're sooo rich and they're soooo powerful and they're kinda the mob, it made me roll my eyes just a bit. There were honestly only a couple other angel characters that I even gave a crap about or vamps for that matter.

Elena's friends Sara and Ransom were very interesting. I would do Ransom. Totes.

And yes, when Raphael defrosted and finally fell for Elena? Yum-E. That shit was hot and sweet. And lickable. Rawr

W: They're ANGELS, they're supposed to be sooo beautiful and rich and and ooooh, powerful and anyone would gladly drop their pants for them! Not that I, uh, would do that. Ahem. Anyhoo! I'm with you on the mob part but I also think that was pretty awesome and funny. I mean - A mob of angels? What are they going to do lynch me with their feathers? HA!

Ransom? Absolutely! SO deliciously bad boy! Sara was a great secondary character (Side note: In the anthology Must Love Hellhounds, there's her story and it's really good!)

B: Ooh, really? I only read the one by Ilona Andrews. Yeah, yeah, there are other authors. I KNOW PEOPLE. Anywho, I may have to check that out.

Alright fave part of the story? As in scene (like I can't guess) or just fave thing, like development or whatev.

W: When Raphael and Elena first meet on the top of the tower! That was AWESOME. And at the end when she notices you-know-what was great too. Honestly, the whole book was a favorite scene! Yours?

B: I loved the first love scene. And his possessiveness? Rawr. I know, that's not very evolved of me, but DAYUM! Also, I like Illium and her interactions with him. I loved the end battle and the ending in general was emotionally satisfying and showed how they both grew and evolved as characters.

W: And you tell me you didn't love this book! HA! Yes, you did. ADMIT IT.

B: I liked this book and I loved parts of it. I just preferred her psy/changeling series. But I honestly think that Nalini is incapable of writing a bad story :P

W: I haven't read her Psy/Changeling series. I know, I KNOW. I have to read it. But how could it be better than Angels' Blood? Impossible!

B: Ok, so since I read this one FOR YOU, then you have to read Slave to Sensation FOR ME, beyotch. Cuz you lurve me like a crack whore lurves crack

W: I do, I admit it. Dammit. Okay, I'll read it. But dude, I have SO many books to read! It might take me a while. Heh.

B: That's ok, baby. I'll wait for you ;)

We'll aim for next year to do another review of how much you LOVE Slave to Sensation.

W: What if I hate it? [Cue Psycho music]

B: Then I will let you beat me with your edible whip :P But you're not gonna hate it, promise. It's NALINI, you CAN'T hate it.

So, you're gonna be reviewing the next in the series, right?

W: Promises, promises! Hee. Yes! I'm so insanely excited to get Archangel's Kiss. I'm still all a-squeeing over it. SO EXCITED.

B: LOL, well I can't wait to read your review when it goes up. Do you know who it's featuring?

W: Honestly, I haven't even read the blurb for it! When I first heard about it, I just immediately add it to my wishlist and at the time there was no blurb. I just check Amazon for it and it seems like Lijuan's up to no good! (Note: If you haven't read Angels' Blood, don't read the blurb for Archangel's Kiss as it features a major spoiler! I hate it when they do that..)

B: LOL, then we'll all be waitin with bated breath for your review ;)

W: I will read it the minute it gets here! Have I mentioned I'm insanely excited? Yes? Oh, okay.

So about Angels' Blood - Any last minute thoughts?

B: I would rate it as a B+ and I would definitely recommend it for fans of paranormal and even UF.

Where would you rank it?

W: Absolutely A. It's a fantastic combination of Urban Fantasy with some hot, steamy lovin' and unforgettable characters.

B: Well, thanks, Wendy, for stopping by and chatting with me about Angels’ Blood. You even stayed awake the whole conversation :P

W: Anything for you, sweets. ;)

Seriously everyone, go check out Wendy's blog if you haven't already. She's a hottie with a crazy sense of humor and you'll love her.

You can buy this book here

Or here

Thanks for joining us! Muah!


Smokinhotbooks said...

You girls make-a me laugh. Seriously though Illium = hot, I can't wait for his story. I heart Nalini Singh like this much *spans arms wide* but I prefer her Angel series to the psy. No clue why, I think Angels get me all hot and bothered or something.

Great Review Wendsie and Queen B

The Queen B said...

@Smokinhotbooks Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I was under the impression that anything made you hot and bothered. At least, that's what Mandi and Fiction Vixen said. :P

heidenkind said...

This book was okay. I liked Elena, but Raphael was a bit too much of a cold bastard for me. Not that I don't enjoy that (in romance novels, of course ~_^), but I never understood what he saw in Elena or how he felt about her.

My favorite part of the book was angel dust. Sexy! I want some of that. :)

The Queen B said...

@heidenkind Yeah, I didn't dig him til the end of the book. Then I melted for him. And when she's covered in Angel Dust? Yummy ;)

Catherine said...
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Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I did enjoy the dynamics between Raphael and Elena but Nalini really glossed over where angel come from. No discussion about religion or heaven and hell. Also AB didn't feel like it too place in NYC. Also the plot with Elena's father being an asshole turned me off. Wasn't really needed.

The Queen B said...

@KB as usual you take the words right outta my mouth. I felt the same way about the questions of origin and if they were or weren't religious figures in this mythos. Some questions were answered at the end, but not a lot.
And I skimmed a lot of the dad stuff

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

but major kudos for hot bathtub angel sex. ;)

The Queen B said...

@KB Yeah, it was pretty good. When he finally came around to being a lover? Rawr. Is it wrong that I got all hot when he made that threat after the first sexorin? Yum

Wendy said...

As always, you guys are full of it! *sticks out tongue*

SusiSunshine said...

ROFL you to are just great! And I still want the whip. LOL

Loved this book and found the concept really refreshing. I don't say it's better than P/C series but only cuz it's rude to say I love you r more to a kid..ahem...I mean book.
Great review ladies!

Larissa said...

LOL loved the review girls... you always crack me up =))))


Moonsanity said...

Crap, it appears I've missed another good book and must go buy it or borrow it or possibly steal it if necessary. I can't have you gals getting all hot and me just sitting off in the alley by myself. (no idea what that means, my fingers just typed it.)

Cool review! *picks up pencil to jot down title on Hot Book List*.

The Queen B said...

@Wendy Love you baby ;)

@Susi Hey girlie! Glad we could entertain you :P

@Larissa Hey sweets, thanks for stoppin by and reading the madness, lol

@Moonsanity I knew what you meant, lol. Thanks for watching the craziness unfold :P

Wendy said...

Craziness? CRAZINESS? Please, speak for yourself. I am a perfectly stable individual.

Don't mind the straightjacket. It's the NEW FASHION.

The Queen B said...

@Wendy See, I told you I could get you into bondage ;)

Sagi said...

i love the review i think its fun to read when there are two people giving their opinions :)

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