Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Example of a Great Short Story

Recently someone commented on my blog that they were trying to write a short story and were trying to remember what I didn't like about Mutual Desire (a collection of three short stories) so as not to make the same mistakes. Also, other comments said that a lot of people tend to shy away from short stories because they feel there isn't enough time for plot and character development.

To all of this I say, you have not read Silent Blade by Ilona Andrews.

This book is, to me, a great example of a well written short story. It is an entire story, with a start, a middle, and an end. Complete with character backstory and development all in a short story format. I can't tell you exact page count because it is an e-book, but it's not that long.

I loved this story. The characters are real, the world is real and the passion between them is fiery.

I truly recommend that everyone read this just for reading enjoyment alone, but I especially recommend that you read it if you are interested in writing, whether short or novel length stories. Ilona is a great example of what TO DO.

This story is a futuristic/scifi romance. Here is the blurb:

Old hatreds die hard. Old love dies harder.

On Meli Galdes’ home planet, the struggle for power is a bloody, full-contact sport—in business and on the battlefield. For years her lethal skills have been a valuable asset in advancing her family’s interests. She’s more than earned her right to retire, but her kinsmen have one last favor to ask.

Kill the man who ruined her life.

Celino Carvanna’s razor-sharp business acumen—and skills with a blade—won him the freedom to do as he pleases. There’s only one thing he can’t seem to control—his reaction to the mysterious woman who tantalizes his senses. Her eyes alone set his blood simmering, stirring ridiculous adolescent fantasies about breasts and honey. With a few words she dissects his soul. Who is she? And how does she slide so easily under his well-guarded skin?

It’s almost too easy to draw Celino within the kill zone. Meli plans to revel in him. Drink him in. Wring every drop of pleasure out of every moment.

And when she’s sure he belongs to her, she will finally repay a decade’s worth of pain—in a single, brutal dose of reality.

You can buy this e-book at most e-book sellers.

Like here

Or here

Besos ;)


Janicu said...

THIS. Yep. Probably my favorite novella I've read this year.

Leontine said...

I just put this on my e-reader. I really want to sample Ilona Andrews work for quit some time now and I can read this novella in between my other acquired reading ;)

The Queen B said...

It was so great, and I feel bad short stories get more press than good ones. Had to take a moment to appreciate a well written one ;)

The Queen B said...

@Leontine You won't regret it. I can honestly say, I haven't read one thing from her that I didn't like and that's sayin somethin, ya know? :)

Mandi said...

I loved this one! And actually totally forgot about it. Def need to put it on my fav list.

Unknown said...

This sounds awesome, but I don't have a reader. Can I print what I would download to a computer? Reading online is not a favorite of mine... though I make exception for book reviews ;)

The Queen B said...

@Robin K I think usually depending on what format you download there is a program to read the book in that format on your computer. They don't usually let you print it out, though. Hope I made sense :)

alanajoli said...

I've been wondering if I should buy this. What a great recommendation! :)

The Queen B said...

@alanajoli It is so worth it! You will enjoy it, I promise ;)

SusiSunshine said...

Yep, I agree! Never regretted buying this one!

The Queen B said...

@SusiSunshine Hey girl! Yeah, I never regretted this one either. ;)

e_booklover said...

I loved that short story and I hope for more in the same world. Ilona Andrews has a wonderful way of using words to paint such vivid emotionally packed pictures. I think Silent Blade was the first ebook I ever bought :D.

The Queen B said...

@e_booklover You were an e-book virgin? I would never have guessed :P

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