Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Feeling Maudlin Today

So I bring you some mood music.
Sober is a really moody and awesome vid, all dark and gothic. I think we can all relate to out of control behavior at some time in our lives even if it's not due to alcohol abuse.
I'm not into a lot of ballads, but Halo just moves me. It's a better song than a video, imho.
Flaws and All is, to me, a true love song. It's not all rose colored glasses and rainbows. It's more realistic. True love loves you....flaws and all.

Hope you enjoy my moody playlist



Emma Petersen said...

I absolutely adore Pink's Sober vid. It's so dark and delicious. It sneaks in so much you really have to pay attention to catch the naughtiness.

The Queen B said...

I love these and yes Pink packs in the naughty. She's a feisty lil pixie aint she? ;)

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