Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alejandro Vid Out

Ok, the video for Gaga's song Alejandro just released today. It's controversial, melodramatic and rather dark. Let's hear what your take on it is.


Anonymous said...

You are melting my damn brain Brooke.

Steampunk is contrversial? Or her fucking the guy? Or the whole nun thing? And when is that crazy bitch not controversial? She is 10 shades of wacked.

If this is the worst she does everyone should shut the hell up. She is in a class on her own.

Her videos always leave me going....wait, what?

Twimom227 said...

Remember when Madonna was controversial? LOL Once again a video that has nothing to do with the pop song. Whatever!

When I first heard the song I thought it sounded like a cross of ABBA and Ace of Base!

The Queen B said...

Ahahahaha! I didn't say it was bad or even super controversial. People talk because that's what they do.
I like it, though I'm still considering. It had more to do with, you can fuck how you like and gov't and religion shouldn't tell you different. That's most of what I walked away from and that's not such a bad statement, imho.
But hey, babe, to each their own, right? :D

The Queen B said...

@Twimom Hey girl! Yeah, it definitely has an Ace of Base, Madonna vibe going on, but that works for me so I'm all good with it :P

Anonymous said...

Hi! Heeeeeere I go!!!

My disclaimer is that I am a huge Lady GaGa fan so I gush over LG a lot. I have some weird obsession with her so I promise not to gush too much over this.

When this video was released late Tuesday night I was super excited for it. It is not the strongest video on the album by any stretch, and I was kinda disappointed that this would be her next single. That being said, I was still looking forward to see how she would want to illustrate the song in video.

With regards to this video: Mostly, I admire the dancers' bodies in her videos and the choreography. The men she has in this one had some of the most shapely legs I've ever seen. Holy shit. The props and clothes are secondary for me, I just love the dancing and watching the movement of the bodies. She's just doing what she does best - entertaining. And even though she always puts on such a serious face, there is no doubt that this is what she loves to do. How on earth can I criticize her for that?

I was dismayed to see just how many people out there hate on her, who were on the blogs and youtube video site. I mean, I guess that's the thing to do? Really? I think some folks lose sight of the fact that it's **entertainment, and I for one enjoy having an artist put out videos that I look forward to seeing what she does next -- instead of retarded crap churned out by the likes of Justin Bieber and freaking Miley Cyrus. Ohhh who's the Hater now?! :P

Also, I in my 33 years of age, I find the fact that she was born in 1986 fascinating as well. The woman is 23 years old... Yes, there are absolutely a lot of circumstances that have given her the resources to be this successful, but kudos to her for not squandering those circumstances and opportunities. One thing to note... Lynsy Lohan is 23 years old too. Is it fair for me to compare the two? Prolly not, but I will anyway.

I admire Lady GaGa's ambition, and drive, and her strength of character to be doing what she loves without getting distracted by all the er, um, distractions.


Thank you for giving me the forum to say my peace on this. :)

Anonymous said...

TYPOS: it was release MONDAY night, and I meant it's not the strongest song on the album, not video.

The Queen B said...

@SpazP Hey babe! I have this thing with Madonna. People have always hated her for being so ambitious and out there. Does she cross lines? Yep. Do I agree with every little thing she does or says? Nope. Do I admire her? Absolutely. She worked damn hard and has ambition, why should I punish her for that?
I feel the same with Gaga. Is she sometimes ridiculous? Yep. Do I think she sometimes loses sight of things? You betcha. But overall she has vision, ambition and talent and the balls to follow through on it. I admire that and I refuse to be a hater of the success of my own sex. Too many women are too quick to hate other ambitious and successful women who own their sexuality and their talent. What's that about?
Do you have to be a mindless follower that swallows all Gaga sells and says like a drone? No way. But at least be able to admit she has the right to her ambitions and works hard for them. You don't have to like her or her music, but give the devil her due, ya know?
Thanks for sharing your views. I think you definitely had some valid points.

Anonymous said...

Excellent points all the way around =)

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