Monday, June 14, 2010

There's a difference between owning your sexuality and having it own you

It's that time again!!! A rant is a comin on, y'all.

So, I'm all for enjoying man candy and girl candy and all sorts of candy. I really am. I am also known for exhorting my girls to own their sexuality. Don't be afraid to have desires, don't be a prude because you think lightning shall burst from the sky and ream your ass for having a libido. However, ladies, ladies, please, y'all don't have to be slavering, howling and acting like you're in heat at the sight of a male (and not always even a very hot one at that). I mean, have some self respect. It's getting so I can't talk about sports and actually be interested in them for the sake of the sport. Nope. It's just an excuse to parade man candy around and ovulate, apparently. You can't watch a show without girls screaming to get the short and less attractive guy out of the way so we can just watch the hung guy boff people. Srsly, y'all, there are shows where you can have little to no plot and sleazy guys packin ridiculous heat screwin anything and everything. It's called porn. Go on and get you some. Really. If women watched more of that then maybe they wouldn't try to make EVERYTHING from sports, books, tv shows, interviews, conversations, movies, etc, etc, etc into porn. Go, get thee a vibrator. And don't be cheap, get a good one. Get a good porno. Take care of that so that you can not embarrass the female population with.....well, let's just say that if it were men talking about women like that, there'd be bitch slapping involved.

So, to recap: Don't be afraid of sex and talking about it, having it, fantasizing about it, reading about it, writing about, liking the hell out of it, but let's have a lil dignity, shall we?


WickedLilPixie said...


Smokinhotbooks said...

*KC quickly tries to erase her Worldcup tweet - where she said she liked the soccer boys in their short shorts.*

The Queen B said...

@WLP Thanks babe. I thought of you and your interview when I was writing this, lol.

@KC Nah, girl, it's all good when it's not constant. You're fun and cute whereas some people are getting kinda....rabid.

Anonymous said...


I get caught up in the porn silliness myself sometimes, which is why I can shake my head and laugh about this. This rant is totally awesome amd while I'm guilty of participating sometimes, I was a little freaked out over the weekend and last night.

Cari Quinn said...

Amen! You rock hard!

Gini Koch said...

What is this dignity of which you speak? Never heard of it... ;-D

LOL! I'm with Marilyn Monroe -- looks are great, but nothing's sexier than a great mind. (She thought Albert Einstein was the sexiest man alive.)

And I'm with you -- great looks and great personality are not always hand in hand, and all things should be done in moderation. Or something like that...

tori aka ggs_closet said...

Very good post. I must have missed something this weekend. lol
But you make some valid posts.
There is a fine line between a healthy appreciation and becoming a creepy stalker annoying person.
I have been on so many forums where a cute or even not so cute-basically just a guy comes in and suddenly it's a massive cyber orgy.What kills me is NOTHNG is sacred online. You may think it's gone or private but it's not. And trust me, someone you don't want seeing that will eventually.

Anonymous said...

hahaha My best friend is a guy and he was telling me about being in the check out line where two women were looking a Men's Health magazine and were going on and on about how they would like to have some of that, and oooing and ahhhing over the men in the book and suddenly he felt uncomfortable as they looked up at him (as the best friend I can say he has a well built nice body) he said he wanted to switch to another line but didn't want to look like a nancy so he just looked at the floor with flaming cheeks. He then went on to tell me that if the male to female ratio in the room is not even or close women tend to fall into conversations that men would NEVER think of having. As a teacher he has had the misfortune of leading an alleged group of professional women who acted more like sex deprived fiends than the people he saw outside of that classroom. I think he has been tramuatized for life.

The Queen B said...

@Pamela LOL, like I said to KC, it's all good sometimes. We all gotta have some fun and that's cool, but if that's all you ever have to talk about or expect out of a movie, game, book, tv show.....meh, I'm bored.

@Cari Well thank you. I figured this one wouldn't make me too popular but I just had to say my bit ;)

@Gini I'm all for hotties, I really am, but yeah, there needs to be somethin else there. And how many times do women wish that men would see more than their bra size?

@tori Flirting's cool and can be innocent and fun and a lil kink among friends is all good, but there is a line and once you're foaming at the mouth, you've pretty much crossed it, imho. And don't get me started on forums. *shudders*

@Lily Poor guy! It's cute to make a guy blush sometimes and women shouldn't have to hide their sexuality to please a man, but seriously? We can get out of line. I've done it, we all have, but it kills me that a lot of women won't admit it. It's all men that talk that way and act inappropriately. Sorry, but no.

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