Sunday, June 27, 2010

I was away this weekend

and apparently I forgot that my guest post over at Wicked Little Pixie's was up this weekend. So, stop on by and see what I'm ranting talking about now. Check it out here.

Also, because I was away from my computer I borrowed my darling Jen's computer (since I was crashed on her couch). She doesn't have Firefox like I do, but instead has Internet Explorer. I happened to be perusing my blog to see how it looked in IE and I noticed the horrible truth: it looks awful. There are random links to products that I didn't put there, and then they were all over twitter and it was a pain to navigate. Anyway, my apologies to all my IE peeps out there. Seriously, my blog looks better than that, I swear *sobs*. And may I recommend a switch to Firefox or Chrome (which I'm hearing good things about)? Just a suggestion.....

Anyway, I'll put some pics up (hopefully) of my weekend fun and all that good stuff later this week.

Hope you all had a great weekend and I hope Monday is kind to us all.



jacabur1 said...

Okay I am one of the lucky people who has a Mac computer and your blog looks great on both Safari and Google Chrome. I opened both browsers up side by side and on Chrome it is a little more vivid looking but other than that exactly the same setup and it looks fine. Anyway have to go check out the "rant" at Nat's now!!!

jackie b central texas

The Queen B said...

LOL! Thanks sweets! IE kinda blew my mind with the suckage, but that's just me. Good to know I'm lookin good other places ;)

Fiction Vixen said...

Weird, I just opened up your blog in IE and it looks fine. Maybe your friend had some spyware or something going on? Seriously, it's purty, I wouldn't lie to you.

The Queen B said...

Awww, thanks hunny. I know you wouldn't lie. You have an honest face. :P

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